The Sweet and Juicy History of Hammonton, New Jersey: The Blueberry Capital of the World

The Sweet and Juicy History of Hammonton, New Jersey: The Blueberry Capital of the World


Blueberries are one of the most beloved and versatile fruits in the world. They are a popular ingredient in a variety of dishes, from pastries to smoothies to salads. However, if you are a blueberry lover and you haven’t tasted the glory of New Jersey blueberries, then you are missing out. The state of New Jersey is known for its top-quality blueberries, and the town of Hammonton is the undisputed capital of this berry. In this article, we will explore the fascinating history of the blueberry industry in Hammonton, and why this town is considered the blueberry capital of the world.

The Blueberry Legacy of Hammonton

Before becoming the blueberry mecca of today, Hammonton was a rural town with a varied agriculture industry. The soil was ideal for growing fruits and vegetables, and many different crops thrived in the region. However, in the 1800s, a new crop started to take the spotlight: blueberries. Native to North America, blueberries had been enjoyed by indigenous people for centuries, but it wasn’t until the early 1900s that it gained popularity as a cultivated crop.

Hammonton was one of the first places to start growing blueberries commercially. A man named Elizabeth Coleman White, also known as the «Blueberry Queen,» is credited with the birth of the blueberry industry in this town. In 1911, White met botanist Frederick Coville, who was studying how to cultivate blueberries. The two of them teamed up and developed the first successful method of growing cultivated blueberries. They created a hybrid between wild and cultivated blueberries and named it the Highbush blueberry. This hybridized variety was the key to the success of the Hammonton blueberry industry, and it quickly became the dominant variety grown in the town.

Today, Hammonton produces more than 50 million pounds of blueberries each year, making it the largest producer of blueberries in the world.

The Blueberry Festival of Hammonton

The blueberry legacy of Hammonton is kept alive by the annual Blueberry Festival, a vibrant celebration of all things blueberry. The festival first started in the 1980s, and it has been a tradition ever since. At the festival, visitors can enjoy live music, food stalls, arts and crafts, a classic car show, and of course, all sorts of blueberry treats. From blueberry pancakes to blueberry pies to blueberry lemonade, you’ll find everything blueberry here.

The Blueberry Festival is held every July, and it is the perfect time to visit Hammonton if you are a blueberry lover.

Why Hammonton Blueberries are the Best

Every blueberry lover will tell you that the best blueberries are those that are plump, juicy, and bursting with flavor. And this is precisely what you will find in Hammonton blueberries. The soil in this region is sandy and well-drained, which provides the perfect environment for blueberries to thrive. The warm summers and cool nights give the fruit a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, resulting in blueberries that are sweet, tangy, and full of flavor.

Moreover, Hammonton blueberries are grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods. Many of the farms in Hammonton are family-owned, and they take pride in their farming heritage and the quality of their products. When you buy Hammonton blueberries, you are not only getting a delicious and nutritious fruit, but you are also supporting a local industry and contributing to the preservation of a time-honored tradition.

Come and Taste the Blueberry Magic of Hammonton

If you are a blueberry lover, there is no better place to satisfy your cravings than in Hammonton, New Jersey. This town is filled with blueberry farms, blueberry festivals, and blueberry treats, making it the ultimate destination for anyone who loves this sweet and juicy fruit. Whether you visit in the summer during the Blueberry Festival or you come during the blueberry harvest season, you are sure to be delighted by the blueberry magic of Hammonton. So pack your bags, bring your appetite, and come and taste the best blueberries in the world!

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  • The Blueberry Festival: A celebration of all things blueberry in the blueberry capital of the world

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Dr. Sarah Smith

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